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G4S Humane Patrols

G4S humane patrols delivered aid to twelve cities!
Članovi ustanove koje je G4S tim posetio.

The company G4S, a leader in the security industry, ended the previous year in one of the most beautiful ways: December passed on wheels that drove donations to social protection institutions in as many as twelve cities in Serbia. The project called "G4S Humane Patrols" had the "task" to determine together with the institutions which funds would be appropriate assistance at this time and then to deliver that assistance. G4S already has its own team of patrols and interventions to prevent thefts and fires throughout Serbia.
"We have chosen twelve cities in which we operate and the same number of institutions with which we have not cooperated so far. The members of the management team visited each of the institutions and in a conversation with their representatives got to know the way of work, but also the everyday challenges they face. This was not just a socially responsible business activity, but our company’s sincere intention to contribute to the betterment of the community in which our employees live and work. In some of the institutions, we had the opportunity to meet the users of services, so every time we returned we would be smiling, accompanied by strong and unique impressions, just like the children we hung out with ", said Bojana Vesić Antić, Director of the Human Resources sector in G4S.

Bojana Vesić Antić with the delegation of the SOS Children's Villages Serbia Foundation

The list of institutions visited by G4S humane patrols includes the Home for Children with Developmental Disabilities "Kolevka" (Subotica), Children's Village "Dr Milorad Pavlović" (Sremska Kamenica), Home for Orphans "Jefimija" (Kruševac), Home for Children and Youth "Duško Radovic" (Niš), Center for Family Accommodation and Adoption Belgrade, Home for Children and Youth "Stanko Paunović" (Negotin), Association for Aid to MNRO in Vranje, SOS Children's Villages Serbia Foundation, Center for Social Work - Institution for Children and youth "Šabac", Home for Children and Youth "Spomenak" (Pancevo), Center for Social Services "Zračak" (Čačak), as well as the Association for Assistance to Children with Special Needs "Naši snovi" in Valjevo.

Marko Šukilović - G4S with members of the Association for Aid to MNRO in Vranje

Srđan Vračar - G4S visits the Home for Children with Developmental Disabilities "Kolevka" (Subotica)

G4S humane patrols in Čačak's "Zračak"


"Taking into account the current epidemiological situation, the donations mostly included protective equipment and hygiene products. We also donated equipment for the gym, laptops, video surveillance equipment, vouchers for the purchase of clothes and shoes, equipment such as printers and other items that were necessary for institutions and users. We hope that in 2022, G4S humane patrols will be able to make all these wonderful people happy under easier circumstances. No masks, and with more time spent together. Until then, I want everyone to be safe and secure,” said CEO Dawid Sold.

Dawid Sold in conversation with Mirjana Novakov, director of the Center for Family Accommodation and Adoption Belgrade