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We put on aprons. What happens when the G4S Serbia team cooks?

When our team cooks, we get a recipe for excellence!  Excellent food, just as it is the case with our service.
G4S team barbecue.

In order to promote the cultural diversity that distinguishes it, but also to bring its employees in over 80 countries closer during the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the G4S Group organized a "delicious" competition "Cook with us". Participants could choose the way in which they would present a national dish or dessert, along with photos and a recipe.

Our G4S team from Pančevo prepared barbecue and tripe stew. Local gourmets from the south of Serbia, from Leskovac, as well as those from Novi Pazar, are widely known. It was not difficult to present this delicious tradition, just as it is not  difficult to find someone who does not enjoy the mentioned specialties.

And the tripe stew we prepared from beef stomach has a specific taste and is reserved for real gourmets. Cooked and seasoned with laurel and other aromas, then sprinkled with cheese.
The food was served in a porcelain dining service that the mother of colleague Aleksandar has been keeping since her student days.
Srbija kuva 01

In addition to the shown culinary skills, Aleksandar, Svetlana and Vladimir show the strength of team spirit every day. They are just a part of our local team that successfully implements work obligations, but also spends time together after working hours.

Excellence is our G4S value. Excellent service, excellent people.