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A writer in our G4S team: Life as the greatest inspiration

Interview: Darko Šekutkoski, Security Officer
G4S employee Darko and his books.

At what point did you realize that you wanted to write your first book?

Ten years ago, I worked on a tourist boat that sailed from a resort in Crete to the island of Dia (Zeus). Nicos was the ship's mechanic and one day he suddenly fell ill. He turned green, I called for help, and he was taken to the ambulance. Nicos returned to work shortly after and, while sailing, I asked him what happened that day. He replied that it wasn’t really serious, but a doctor advised him to put on paper everything that would come to his mind when thoughts were bad or even very nice, when he did not feel happy but also when in an excessively good mood. I replied that I fully understood him and that is the reason I wrote the whole book. That’s why I’m dedicated to writing! When emotions are strong, whether good or bad, it is desirable to turn them into something useful.

In the first grade of elementary school in Kladovo, my cousin gave me a book by Branko Ćopić named "Cat Toša and other fairy tales". Soon after my father bought me the encyclopedia "Treasure of Nature". I could already read both Latin and Cyrillic, so you can imagine what a world of imagination and knowledge I could travel to whenever I wanted.

More time had to pass, in researching life, reading Russian classics several times, and in my case Bukovsky and his stories, and only then, in the late 90s - since I had already met a young woman from a toy store in Rome, to mature as a writer and to write my first book.

What are your favorite topics to write about? Tell us a bit more about published novels?

The novel Carousel of Time is a psychological-mythological drama. It was “born” from my previous novel Bela Luna and I said "it was born" because, like a child, it has inherited parental characteristics, but also possesses its originality and authenticity. It’s difficult to answer the question about the topics in my works. I would answer in the same manner if you asked me what life is like on our planet, because life is not just a thriller, nor love, nor war story. White Moon is a novel that teaches us about the origin of evil, while Carousel of Time talks about eternal love, but also reveals the meaning of life on this planet. Like on a carousel, each seat is separate, but when it rotates, it becomes one, and that is why the carousel from our story is actually a time machine.

What is your next goal / project?

I am currently writing a new work and for now I do not know what I will call it. I never know where the story will take me because I don't make up my story, the characters live them as they want, while it's mine to set the scene. Still, I know what I want to present to the reader. In this latest work, it is about cognition and getting mature. Like a grape that ripens in a vineyard and is sweetest when it ripens, so the human individual matures from an early age, through life, to its end. Knowledge is achieved through learning, but wisdom is gained over the years!

What do you consider most valuable about working at G4S?

I have been in G4S for about one year. When I visited the company for the first time, I was surprised how it was all well organized as I had not expected it, at least not to such an extent, but when I heard that the headquarters of G4S are in London, I understood why.

And I want to add this: The company logo and uniform are beautiful and you will agree with me that the beauty of design is the first thing that catches the eye.

Even when I was very young, I worked hard and the reason was not poverty, because my father always had a good job in various places in the former Yugoslavia. After the army, I went first to Iraq, then to Australia, and then to Crete in Greece, where I spent a quarter of a century, until two years ago. In the summer, I would do various jobs in tourism, and in the winter, many different things in order to survive until the next summer and also to afford to educate my son, who now holds PhD in aeronautics.

When I got a job at G4S, from the first contact with colleagues and superiors I was also pleasantly shocked in terms of mutual communication, respect and especially regular salary and obligations by the employer for the benefit of workers. I'm not used to all that, but it's easy to get used to good! I have been working as a Security Officer at G4S for one year and I can say: I am satisfied now!