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For us, there are no unsolvable problems

Nenad Stojanović, Manned Security Supervisor for strategic clients
G4S employee Nenad and the G4S business car.

For already nineteen years Nenad has been on the front line together with his colleagues. It is exactly that cooperation and coordination on the sites that makes Nenad do his job with pleasure. The opportunity to meet in person many of his colleagues, to manage and solve all challenges with them, is a great incentive for him.

For Nenad, G4S is synonymous for safety, security. "We have the most professional approach in the security industry," claims Nenad, adding: "We are always finding new ways to overcome challenging situations. We work more with new colleagues and invest the necessary time for their training to prepare them for duties that await. Mutual respect is very important.”

Customer requirements, company’s needs and the employee's satisfaction are the three main sides he cares about. “There’s not a single problem we can’t solve when we join our forces”, claims Nenad.

He is married and has a son and a daughter, a successful young athlete, champion of the Balkans, Serbia and Belgrade in taekwondo.

"Do continue interviewing colleagues on the sites", Nenad concludes, "they should always be talked about".