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Statement regarding Bloemfontein Correctional Contracts and Mangaung Correctional Centre

G4S South Africa has been contacted regarding a forthcoming documentary programme relating to Mangaung Correctional Centre (MCC) in Bloemfontein and provides the following statement

MCC provides for the safety and security of approximately 3,000 maximum security prisoners by providing safe custody, care and development through a number of programmes aimed at the rehabilitation of the people in its care. 

In 1998, G4S South Africa became a minority shareholder in Bloemfontein Correctional Contracts (BCC) - the concessionaire company responsible for the management of MCC. It is anticipated that G4S South Africa’s investment will end in 2026, when BCC’s contract expires. In line with the G4S Group strategy, G4S South Africa has no plans to invest further in correctional services in South Africa. 

BCC is committed to the respect and protection of the human rights of those in its care and has a zero tolerance policy towards the mistreatment of prisoners. 

In 2013, G4S South Africa received reports of alleged mistreatment of prisoners at MCC and, in response, proposed that a retired judge carry out an independent investigation into the allegations. In the event, BCC reviewed the allegations and concluded that there was no evidence to support the allegations.  

MCC is operated in accordance with the standards set out in the Correctional Services Act (CSA) and is subject to rigorous independent oversight including:

  • An on-site Controller and support staff (appointed by the DCS) to monitor compliance with all contractual requirements and daily operations, including any use of force which are reported to the Controller for review – the Controller reports directly to the National Commissioner of DCS
  • The office of the Inspecting Judge appoints a number of Independent Correctional Centre Visitors (ICCV) who are on-site at the centre and responsible for monitoring compliance with the contract and the standards set out in the CSA
  • All reports of use of force and requests for segregation are within the scope of the on-site Controller who provides information to their regional office and the Inspecting Judge

All prisoners have access to a 24/7 complaint and request system and can escalate a complaint or request, confidentially, directly to the Centre Director.  Prisoners wishing to raise concerns to the attention of the Inspecting Judge, Public Protector or Commission for Human Rights are provided with support in doing so.

MCC is recognised as a well-managed correctional services centre.  The Human Rights Commission "National Preventive Mechanism" committee, under the chairmanship of the Human Rights Commissioner Chris Nissen visited MCC on 7 September 2019.  During the visit, the Commissioner took the opportunity to discuss the treatment of prisoners, medical services and the quality of the facilities directly with several inmates. Following the visit, the Commissioner recognised MCC as a centre of excellence in ensuring the human dignity of prisoners. 

For as long as G4S South Africa remains a minority shareholder in BCC, it will continue to work with BCC to promote the best possible care for the people at MCC.