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G4S plays an important role in society by helping to ensure that governments are able to meet the expectations of their citizens, employees and legislative bodies
Government building

At G4S, we draw on our experience of working with governments to secure government buildings and key assets.  We support the justice and security strategies of South Africa and ensure that government personnel are well prepared to operate in a variety of conflict situations.
Two keys areas that G4S is involved in include:

Homeland security
Helping to secure international borders and efficiently managing the flow of legitimate visitors, helps the government address the increasingly important issue for citizens of potential security risks posed by visitors without a legal right to stay or who may intend to cause harm.  G4S is deployed at seven airports to ensure that not only are our citizens protected from and threats, but that visitors to our country are protected too, enhancing our reputation as a desirable tourist destination. 

Justice department

Effectively managing and caring for the offender population and preparing them for their future in society is evident at the Mangaung Correctional Centre, a 25-year public-private partnership between G4S and the SA government. 

From offender management, rehabilitation and transportation through to courtroom security, G4S supports the justice department. 
For our government partners, the benefits of our partnership are clear: access to resources able to focus on delivering essential front-line activities and ultimately better value for the taxpayer. 
As a trusted partner to governments worldwide, we secure borders, protect embassies, rehabilitate offenders and keep some of the world’s most important buildings safe and secure.

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