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Nowadays, no business would ever consider employing under-performing staff or implementing systems that simply meet requirement.  Increasingly customers are seeking out solutions that exceed requirement and contribute to the bottom line.
Access control at Byls Bridge

Services and solutions offered by G4S Electronic Specialised Solutions

G4S Electronic Specialised Solutions (ESS) designs, manufactures, installs and maintains fully integrated security systems, protecting customers with various security requirements.  We secure a range of facilities including small stand-alone offices, schools, large multi-national organisations and even high security government facilities.

G4S employs over 60 technical specialists who provide solution-driven systems ranging from CCTV, time and attendance, access control including evacuation, public address and fire detection and gas suppression. Our sector approach allows us to tailor solutions for each customer, but more importantly to integrate these systems with each other and also, with our customer’s already existing enterprise relationship platforms.
“By implementing integration software, we are able to connect and control multiple devices to create an end-to-end security solution.  But, the power of these systems in truly realised through video, image and data analytics software. Through constant automated digital screening and filtering, video analytics can identify and notify operators of potential issues.  This together with the capability of pooling and synthesising large volumes of data, allows business owners and security personnel to make quick, informed decisions.”  
Tim Timmins, Business Development Director: Electronic Specialised Solutions
Our services include:

CCTV systems

Following years of research and development, we are able to offer consumer and commercial customers a range of G4S designed and manufactured CCTV products.  Our own highly rated CCTV range is designed and manufactured to international standards, however, we are also technology agnostic and are capable of recommending other products depending on a customer’s specific requirements.

Advanced access control systems

Access control installation is an essential component of a good security management system (SMS).  It determines who enters the area, how the access is controlled, and what technology or equipment is used to do the task. The access control system also supports the rest of the SMS, such as patrols, monitoring and reaction alarms.  

Access control is most efficient when introduced as part of a multi-layered defence and can be integrated with other core aspects to create a seamless solution to protect your staff, buildings and assets, whilst helping you to save time and reduce administration overheads.

Alarm management

The alarm management features of the G4S Security Management Software enable security officers or other personnel to view, acknowledge and respond to alarms, such as a door being forced open, an alarm sensor being triggered, or a card reader being used at an unauthorised time.

Physical security information management (PSIM)

G4S's PSIM system provides building managers and company employees with a range of intuitive tools to support the management of a site and the day-to-day processes within it. Information captured and managed within the system can be analysed and used to generate reports, business intelligence and personal action plans. Automated reminders, action escalations and management information can be created and communicated easily and effectively.  

Fire solutions

G4S offers an extensive range of fire protection and safety systems and specialises in providing a pro-active approach to customer care in all aspects of fire and safety.  Our nationwide support team provides instant access to local support throughout South Africa.  We specialise in fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems and emergency lighting systems, all of which can be monitored by our 24/7 National Control Centre.  G4S believes in the provision of a total solution and is also able to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of fire safety and evacuation training courses.

Time and attendance systems

With a dedicated in-house research and development department, we provide complete on- and off-site software support to more than 80 customers in a broad range of business sectors.  The G4S time and attendance solutions are reliable and user-friendly and can be adapted with relative ease and at a fraction of the cost which allows us to accurately meet the exact requirements of our customers.

Perimeter protection

G4S offers a comprehensive range of products and applications to enhance perimeter protection.  Our teams are able to provide valuable advice to ensure that a fitting and cost-effective solution is designed.

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