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Financial Institutions

Optimising the cash cycle and ensuring customer satisfaction
Cash collection G4S South Africa

Financial institutions are under immense pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Getting more out of the cash cycle is important, but ensuring that customers are being well served is crucial to the future of any institution. 

As a trusted partner with established networks and strong relationships with central banks, G4S brings together our expertise in cash management, logistics, intelligent systems and the latest technology to assist financial institutions with the following services:

ATM solutions and engineering

G4S ATM solutions and engineering ensures that the customer’s ATM networks are up and running and we are able to offer our customers rapid support in the event of any maintenance requirements.

Banking solutions

By partnering with G4S, banks reduce their exposure to potential risk and ensure regulatory compliance. Nine commercial South African banks trust G4S to run dedicated regional and shared cash centres on their behalf.


As the country’s leading cash solutions company, we have the expertise and experience to provide efficient and secure cash-in-transit services, that can be tailored to meet the requirements of the finance sector.

Cash processing

With significant investment in the latest processes and technologies, G4S operates the most efficient network of cash centres in South Africa.  Currently providing a full outsourced solution for a number of commercial banks, and processing much of the country’s cash requirements, G4S is uniquely positioned to work in partnership with our finance sector customers to bring them significant business benefits.

G4S Online

G4S Online enhances the cashflow of your business and optimises your cash-handling process.  Why be limited by banking hours?  Just use G4S Online, anywhere, anytime.

Manned security

We have experience in tailoring security solutions and services to the needs of our many diverse customers in the finance sector, offering the full spectrum of manpower and expertise.  

Electronic solutions

We design, install and maintain leading edge security management systems to protect your employees, assets and premises. These systems include access control; time and attendance with payroll integration; health and safety management; contractor and visitor management.

High value logistics 

The types of cargo we are able to transport for the finance sector include banknotes, forex, electronics, secure documentation and other valuable cargo.
As the supplier of choice for thousands of businesses across the country, we have the infrastructure to provide our customers with the service they need, when they need it, with the security of knowing that, whilst in our possession, all items can be insured through G4S Insurance Ltd, a registered short-term insurance provider.

G4S is a trusted provider of risk management services and secure mobility and close protection to our finance sector customers.  G4S is well placed to carry out risk management services, implement the required protective measures, and deploy skilled personnel.  Our highly experienced teams have in-depth expertise in providing security assessments and have up-to-date knowledge of the finance sector.

By looking at the challenge of not only managing the various aspects of security, but also managing the cash cycle, we can help financial institutions to manage their cash more efficiently, protect assets, reduce costs and deliver a better experience for the customers they serve.


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