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Cash processing

In an economy where the speedy processing of cash amounts to increased cash flow and less risk, G4S offers a total cash processing service
Cash processing

With significant investment in the latest processes and technologies, G4S operates the most efficient network of cash centres in South Africa.  Currently providing a full outsourced solution for a number of commercial banks, and processing much of the country’s cash requirements, G4S is uniquely positioned to work in partnership with our customers to bring them significant business benefits.

With businesses seeking to reduce the costs and risks associated with cash processing, we provide expert cash processing services that allows customers to concentrate on delivering core services to their own customer base.

The benefits of G4S processing your cash:

A convenient national infrastructure
You save time and money – same day value and no queues at the bank
Reduced risk and improved safety for your staff and customers

Utilising recently developed local software, customers will realise same day value when processing their cash with G4S. 

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