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Energy Mining and Construction

Our customers in the mining, energy and construction (EMC) sector trust G4S as a key partner in securing assets throughout their project lifecycle
SA oil refinery

In this sector, our strategy is to add value to the core manned guarding services that we provide through assuming a greater role, not just in the area of specialist safety and security, but by providing protection of valuables assets and more importantly ensuring the safety of workers and the communities in which these organisations operate.
Our services in this sector include:  
Air charter services
We offer customers, whose operations are in close proximity, the opportunity to share cargo and passenger flights, helping them reduce overheads substantially. Our tailored services to the EMC sector include point-to-point crew movements and rotation; executive travel; medical/emergency evacuations; urgent or time critical freight and the repatriation of human remains.

Cash solutions
Whether you require on-site protection of your cash or assistance in streamlining cash-based processes such as cash pay-outs, G4S has a number of solutions that can be tailored to suit your operating environment.

The secure transportation, by road or air, of precious metals/stones and high value products and components is handled by our specialist teams who will facilitate the necessary documentation and processes to ensure that goods arrive safely and on time. 

Manned security services
We have experience in tailoring security solutions and services to the needs of our customers in this diverse sector, offering the full spectrum of manpower and expertise.

Risk solutions
Due to our level of experience, expertise and capabilities, G4S is well placed to carry out risk management services, implement required protective measures, and deploy skilled personnel within the EMC sector. Our highly experienced teams have in-depth expertise in providing security assessments and have up-to-date knowledge of the challenges faced in this sector, making us the ideal partner.

Electronic solutions
The installation of systems such as access control, time and attendance, electronic shift books with payroll integration, health and safety management, contractor management, visitor management amongst other specialized systems help mitigate risk.  G4S is able to assess the current risk situation within your business and recommend and install systems that will protect your business and staff. 

Recognise that secure and beneficial solutions come from understanding the challenges of protecting an end-to-end process. Let us help you see the opportunities that exist in the challenge of Securing Your World.


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