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Vacancies and the G4S Global Careers Centre

Find vacancies worldwide with G4S at the G4S Global Career Centre
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The G4S Global Career Centre is a unique website providing job seekers with an opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of ‘the real’ G4S, find relevant career opportunities, finely tune their job seeker skills and join the G4S job seeker community and forums.

Visit the G4S Global Careers Centre to start your search, upload your CV and see what G4S can offer you.

About the G4S Global Careers Centre

The G4S Global Careers Centre ensures the most engaging and supportive candidate experience and enables G4S to draw upon an active global database of the very best internal and external talent when filling its live vacancies.

The Career Centre achieved 40,000 registered job seekers in just three months of going live and automatically matches and ranks candidates against each job published, which ensures our hiring managers have immediate access to suitable candidates without the need to continually advertise on job boards, newspapers and other media channels.

As a result, the speed in which G4S can identify, recruit and deploy suitable candidates differentiates us from any of our local, regional and global competitors, a benefit which we of course pass on to our customers.