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Leisure and tourism

Creating a safe environment for recreation and exploration.
Leisure and Tourism staff

A safe and secure environment is essential for the true enjoyment of leisure and recreation time. However, in a world of diverse and increasing risk, the creation and maintenance of such environments is a complex challenge. 

At G4S, we believe that such challenges provide the opportunity to provide better and more secure leisure experiences. 

Our extensive experience and expertise of operating at events worldwide means we always take into account the bigger picture while understanding the complex interdependence of different parts. 

For our clients, event organisers, governments and businesses, our solutions provide better security, reduced costs and increased revenue-generating opportunities. And for their customers, that means improved experiences and the chance to enjoy their leisure and recreation in safer and more secure environments. 

Recognise that secure and beneficial solutions come from understanding the challenges of entertaining the public in a safe and secure environment. Let us help you to see the opportunities that exist in the challenge of securing your world.