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Our Priorities

G4S plays an important role in society - we ensure that we undertake our business in a way which is ethically responsible, safe and in line with the company’s values and standards is an essential element of our strategic model.
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CSR is an important differentiator for the group. We find that it has become increasingly important to customers as part of their process for evaluating and selecting a partner. This is particularly so, given the sensitive nature of some of the services our customers require and the fact that many of our customers are large multinational companies with high CSR standards themselves and high expectations of those with whom they do business.

For smaller customers too, our approach to CSR provides them with additional confidence that they are working with an organisation which respects laws and cultures, has high ethical standards, takes care of its employees and is a reliable and dependable partner.

Our global employee survey demonstrates just how important working for a company with strong ethics codes and standards is to our colleagues around the world. It helps to attract and keep talented people who are proud to make a difference and of the company they work for.

A strong CSR strategy also helps to reassure investors that they are investing in a company which, in addition to achieving the appropriate level of financial return, conducts its business in a way which is ethically appropriate and in a manner which is expected of one of the world’s largest employers.