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Mining and Metals

The industry’s broadest ‘end to end’ integrated security solution.
G4S Bahrain - Mining and metals

We understand the mining industry and are able to draw on industry specific expertise, G4S’ capabilities in project management, risk consultancy, secure facilities management, physical security, intelligent systems and high quality security-trained personnel ensure that all possible security and safety contingencies and requirements are addressed.

A partnership with G4S will give you the confidence to make important strategic and tactical decisions across the project lifecycle. G4S will help you mitigate risk, prevent loss and protect your employees, assets and reputation ensuring the resilience of your operations when confronted by any instance that might affect your business continuity.

The key to releasing wider benefits for our clients is to look at the bigger picture and consider solutions that transform performance. To do this, we deliver world-class project management that brings together our expertise in logistics, technology, managing the world’s biggest force of security personnel, and the knowledge derived from providing security solutions in diverse regulatory environments in 125 countries around the world.

G4S will benchmark and leverage our security expertise to ensure you receive the benefits of global best practices relevant to the associated risk and threat for each of your projects and operations, regardless of the diverse environments you operate. Protecting your assets and the safety and wellbeing of your people is our number one priority.

By seeing the challenges of mine protection more holistically, we can maintain and build trust in the security of your facilities and their surrounding communities, reduce operating costs and build reputation by improving the experience of those we serve.