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Security Guarding Services

In Bahrain, G4S is positioned as a premier professional security organisation, offering a wide range of security services.
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The Security Guarding Services division is the product of a talented pool of effective, highly experienced, multiple task managers, who are working hard to get things right, first time, every time. The workforce consists of highly trained security professionals who work round the clock towards the common objective of protecting assets, property and life. Our security personnel are not only alert and watchful on their posts but also trained to be attentive to the people and the property of the community at large.

G4S Bahrain’s unique position in the industry is the reflection of its responsive attitude and standard of services, which are based on the following strong and fundamental pillars:

  • Stringent process of vetting and selection in accordance with Groups’ policies
  • Regular and exhaustive training to our international standard
  • Knowledge and testing of general and specific post/site orders
  • Great importance placed on the quality of supervision operating round the clock to ensure delivery of the highest levels of service
  • A high professional standard with total integrity expected of all our staff
  • Total compliance with Ministry of Interior regulations and local laws

As part of the largest security organisation in the world, G4S Bahrain provides solutions to security challenges across many industries and sectors. Our aim is to provide a tailor made service to meet individual requirements regardless of complexities and deliver unmatched standards of service.

G4S security services has designed an organisational structure and assembled a project management team with the emphasis on maximising the strength of the security team and client’s objectives. G4S Bahrain’s delivery goals include extensive, thorough planning based on priorities identified by our clients and our comprehensive past experience in the industry. The logistical support necessary to achieve these goals will be readily accessible and delivered in a timely fashion.

We believe that strong supervision is vitally important in order to provide quality service. In this regard, the operations team constantly maintain a close supervision of all the staff backed up by a 24 hours Control Room staffed with English and Arabic speaking personnel, to ensure both clients and guards can obtain assistance at any time. The core competencies of G4S Bahrain are:

  • Static and Mobile Manned Security Services
  • Special Events and Risk Protection Service