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Sea Ports are vital arteries in the international supply chain, with continued global economic growth dependant on the safety and security of these critical nodes.
Securing seaports

In today’s modern economic world, International Port Operators face a myriad of risks and challenges in undertaking business, ranging from continually increasing governmental security, safety and environmental compliance standards; the economic demands for improved operational efficiencies; threats from organized crime and global terrorism.

G4S understands these risks and challenges faced by the Port industry and works closely with many customers within the sector around the world to successfully address and overcome these challenges.

In partnership with industry stakeholders we are able to apply our unique experience and capability in logistics, technology, managing the world’s biggest security personnel workforce; specifically utilising the knowledge derived from providing security solutions in diverse regulatory environments around the world to really make a difference for our customers.

We have sector-specific experience combined with a clear understanding and view of the ‘bigger picture’ issues affecting the industry. This means that our clients benefit from improved asset protection, increased operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance. The result is an enhanced resiliency and improved business continuity.

Recognising that valued solutions come from addressing the whole challenge, let us help you to see the opportunities that exist.