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Cash Solutions

In today’s world, safe transportation of cash, bullion and other
valuables is a major concern of every organization from international banks to local retailers.
Cash collection


With increasing organized crime, terrorist activities and general theft prevalent across the globe there has never been more importance attached to safeguarding valuable cargo. 

Banks, Financial Institutions and Corporate Institutions have also started looking for professional advice and subsequent outsourcing of their cash management activities to a professional security and cash management organisation such as G4S Bahrain.  

Transport of cash and valuables is an important part of security services provided by G4S Bahrain. This very demanding specialist service is carried out according to the security principles and procedures which are a result of more than 100 years of experience gained in around 90 countries around the world. Our services are constantly inspected and reviewed by International Security Auditors to ensure that we remain prepared against any threat or risk.

The following facilities are available under Cash in Transit services:

  • Inter-bank and Inter-branch cash/valuables transfer
  • Central Bank of Bahrain Operations
  • Collections and deliveries for various corporate clients through direct contract or a contract through a Bank
  • General ATM Management and end to end ATM solutions
  • Wage packaging and distribution services
  • Document delivery and document management
  • Data tape collection, delivery and storage
  • Bullion Management
  • Vaulting and Cash processing
  • Dedicated cash vans with crew
  • Cash360 Deposita machine

The cash services operations group includes a professional management team with many years of experience in cash and bank support services in Europe, Asia and the Gulf region.