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G4S widens support for Afghan charity

G4S Risk Management, the leading global provider of risk mitigation and secure support services, and its ArmorGroup Afghanistan subsidiary recently raised over £5,000 for Afghan Action, a Kabul-based charity which trains young people in the art of carpet making. G4S also announced that it will be sponsoring 20 weaving students for Afghan Action’s next two trainee intakes.
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The money was raised through a charity fund raising event at G4S’s Anjuman Base on the outskirts of Kabul.  The event led to 32 bespoke carpets being sold to a wide range of international military and civilian personnel.

Afghan Action is a charity dedicated to supporting regional economic redevelopment in Afghanistan through training and reconstruction programmes to help provide a brighter future for young men and women throughout Afghanistan. These young people are trained to become carpet weavers and to learn new skills. They are encouraged to use these new skills to work in good conditions with fair wages, either at Afghan Action’s carpet factory in Karte Se, Kabul or to run a business from home.  This enterprise provides badly needed income to support themselves, their families and their local communities.

Abdullah Haiwad co-founder Afghan Action commented: “This is the first time that we have ever held such a huge sale of our carpets in Afghanistan, and it would never have been possible without the support of G4S Risk Management. To have raised over £5,000 is phenomenal and will enable us to invest in future community projects.”

Commenting on the G4S student sponsorship programme, Abdullah went on to say: ”The board of Afghan Training Foundation and Afghan Action would like to thank G4S Risk Management for agreeing to fund and support 20 trainee weavers. Their support in helping us to train young Afghan men and women in the art of carpet weaving will enable these young people to earn a decent living for themselves and their families, providing a sustainable future for all those involved. It is our belief that this is how hearts and minds are won in Afghanistan rather than handing out food or money.”

Nigel Billingham, Group Managing Director G4S Risk Management, commented: “The work that Afghan Action does in helping rebuild the local community is tremendous. As one of the largest international businesses operating in Afghanistan we are very proud to be able to work closely with this charity in helping them to raise much needed funds for this sustainable community based project.”