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G4S Launches Online Global Intelligence Portal

G4S Risk Management, the leading global provider of risk mitigation and secure support services, has launched a Global Intelligence System (GIS), an online information portal designed to provide subscribers with up-to-the minute geopolitical intelligence on individual country threats and hazards.
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GIS is a password protected website containing information, intelligence and analysis on over 220 countries, territories and dependencies and builds on G4S’s operations across 110 countries worldwide. Drawing on detailed information from a comprehensive range of open and privileged sources as well as in-country contacts, the GIS analysts monitors worldwide events and trends to provide businesses with an up-to-date understanding of the risks they may be exposed to.

The service which is designed for businesses which require easily accessible, up to date, information on the risks and threats wherever their employees operate, includes

Incident monitoring – continuously reviewing global security incidents; Political and security risk analysis – detailed assessment of threats including: Micro-security risks (low-level crime, limited infrastructure, environmental risks) Strikes, riots and civil commotion Serious organised crime Terrorism Insurgency, guerrilla and civil warfare International armed conflict Abduction, kidnap for ransom and extortion (K&R) threat. Risk modelling and mitigation – enabling the management of risk exposure; Travel risk advisories – offering practical advice to travellers prior to departure and whilst in-country.Daily, weekly and monthly incident alerts, reports and analysis are available to subscribers, sent at a time applicable to where they work or live and tailored to their individual needs. Companies are able to choose their level of subscription based on the number of users and the number of countries they require information on.

Dan Smith, Head of Research and Analysis for G4S Risk Management, commented:"We believe GIS is the most comprehensive and user-friendly intelligence system available. GIS keeps our clients up-to-date with invaluable information on current threats and hazards, enabling them to make informed decisions when considering travelling to or working in a particular country, or indeed investing in a specific location. GIS helps businesses to identify and prepare for specific threats, helping them to take informed appropriate steps to mitigate the risks and develop suitable contingency and security plans to help protect their assets, ensuring their business and employees operate safely and effectively.”