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G4S launches information security and assurance business

G4S Integrated Services, which specialises in providing integrated facilities management and specialist support services in critical environments, has today formally launched its Information Security and Assurance business, which delivers a range of integrated services for the handling and destruction of classified and commercially sensitive media and equipment.
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G4S Information Security and Assurance (ISA) has been the sole provider of a range of secure destruction services to secure Government agencies and police authorities across the UK for some time.  However, following formal Government accreditation and approval ISA will now be able to provide the following services to other Government and commercial organisations:

Secure - discrete end-to-end solutions for the secure destruction of Government classified and commercially sensitive media (paper, CDs, DVDs) and equipment (PCs, laptops and specialist IT equipment)
Assure - specifically designed audits and training in the handling and controlling of data and information for organisations
Procure – the provision of receptacles, lockable containers and staff to aid and encourage the collection of media and equipment to specific points within organisations’ workspaces
Ensure - ‘project-based’ clean-up and disposal of surplus media and equipment (re-branding, redundant projects, uncontrolled storage, step-changes in technology)The business has been launched as a response to organisations’ increasing misuse of information and data combined with the growing regulatory and legislative requirements of the Official Secrets Act, Data Protection Act, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment legislation (WEEE) as well as corporate environmental responsibilities.All ISA’s processes have been developed to ensure that sustainability, environmental performance and the maximising of recycling rates are central to business performance.  Therefore a wide range of methods are used in the destruction process: paper is shredded and then converted into either electricity, via a clean-burn Energy-from-Waste plant, or compost for the food industry; while IT equipment is dismantled and the sensitive components granulated, smelted and recycled.  Chris Elliott, Group Managing Director of G4S Integrated Services, commented: ‘The Information Security and Assurance business is based on an integrated and proactive approach to safeguarding information.  However, this must not be confused with just waste management, simple shredding or yet another storage solution.  We are the only company accredited to the highest UK Government standards and, as such, focus on the assured management of classified or sensitive information.“Security of customers’ sensitive information is obviously paramount, but we believe it is also critical to consider the environmental issues associated with this business.  Therefore we are leading the way by providing the assured and secure destruction of these materials in ways which result in zero landfill, the reduction of carbon emissions and achieving the best use of natural resources.”