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Olympics recruitment - statement

G4S has issued the following statement in relation to recruitment of security staff for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games
G4S, statement

"G4S is committed to ensuring that London 2012 is safe and secure. This is an unprecedented and very complex security recruitment and deployment exercise which is being carried out to a very tight schedule.

We have made very significant progress - we already have nearly 4,000 people at work across 100 venues.  We currently have over 9,000 additional people going through the final stages of the required extensive training, vetting and accreditation process.  

We have encountered some delays in progressing applicants through the final stages but we are working extremely hard to process these as swiftly as possible. 

We understand the Government's decision to bring in additional resources and will work with LOCOG, the military and other agencies to deliver a safe and secure Games."