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G4S boosts cricket access programmes

Young people in Birmingham and the surrounding area are being given the opportunity to see some top class cricket at Edgbaston, thanks to a G4S partnership with Warwickshire County Cricket Club.
G4S, Cricket

G4S has donated 100 tickets for two national and international matches, to local children to encourage their participation in sport.

Mark Grant, Operations Director North of G4S Events, said:

“G4S has been working with Warwickshire County Cricket Club since 2011 and we are proud to partner with them to support their work with communities in the region. We hope that the tickets will make a real difference for these children and encourage young people in the area to become more involved in the game.”

“G4S employs more than 5,000 people in the West Midlands, and as well as being an important part of the region’s economic life, we are absolutely committed to playing our part in supporting the social and cultural life of the communities we work in.”

Half of the tickets have been given to Warwickshire Access Cricket Club, set up to enable children with mental and physical disabilities to get involved with cricket.  The tickets were given away on Tuesday at a festival held at Edgbaston Cricket Club, attended by children from Selly Oak Trust School in Birmingham and Welcombe Hill Schools in Stratford.

Festival organiser, Andy Wyles, Cricket Development Manager from Edgbaston, said:

"We are thrilled that G4S has chosen to get involved with Warwickshire Access Cricket. It’s a great pleasure to work with children in special schools throughout the county and I am so pleased that through our link with G4S they have the opportunity to see International Cricket.”

Also attending on the day, Councillor Brigid Jones, Cabinet Member for Children & Family Services in Birmingham Council, said:

“This festival showed just how much of an impact sport can have on all young people, encouraging them to be part of a team and growing in confidence.  It was wonderful to see the children from Selly Oak Trust having fun at the same time as learning new skills and I hope that these tickets will continue their interest in cricket and help them to reap the benefits of being involved with sport.”

G4S has also given 26 tickets to Chance to Shine, the charity set up by The Cricket Foundation to promote the game among children of all ages.  The tickets were auctioned at the Hitting 50 fundraiser on Thursday 20th June, raising £1,200 towards their £50,000 fundraising target which will help more children through the programme.

Claire Hall, Partnerships and Development Manager for the Cricket Foundation, said:

“We are delighted that G4S has chosen to support Chance to Shine and our fundraising initiatives in particular. The money raised from their generous support will enable hundreds more children to benefit from the programme.”

The remaining tickets have been given to Coventry Street Cricket, an initiative set up in February to provide coaching to young people playing the game in Coventry.  Regular and committed players at the club will receive tickets for the T20 Finals Day in August.