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Exeter woman scoops award

A G4S employee from Exeter has been awarded £250 after winning an award to recognise people who go the extra mile at work or within their community
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Abigail Knight, 21, from Exeter was voted “July Hero of The Month” by colleagues in a nationwide poll of the G4S' national workforce, beating four other entries.  

Instead of having a party to celebrate her 21st birthday, Abigail, who is an office assistant working for G4S at the Met Office, held a charity event in aid of the Ryan Edwards Appeal, which is raising money for a 6-year-old Exonian to receive cancer treatment not available in the UK.

The event was held in her mum’s back garden and Abigail contacted 200 companies to secure prizes to be raffled including a holiday rental in Turkey, meal vouchers at Exeter restaurants and beauty products.

Abigail raised £800 for the Ryan Edwards Appeal and Neuroblastoma Alliance UK charity, which raises awareness of the type of cancer that Ryan is battling.  On receiving her award, Abigail donated a further £50 from her prize money. 

Abigail said:

“I was a bit shocked to receive this award, because the other people nominated had done some amazing things.   I really wanted to make a difference and I was really pleased to be able to help Ryan and his family and I really feel that by involving local people and companies, the whole community can come together to support children with neuroblastoma.”