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G4S Statement - Death of Jimmy Mubenga

Statement in response to Crown Prosecution Service decision to charge three former G4S staff with manslaughter
G4S, Statement

A G4S Spokesperson said:

"The death of anyone in our care is deeply felt by all of us and the death of Mr Mubenga was a tragic event.

“The welfare of those in our care is always our top priority and we took great care to ensure that our employees on this contract, which has been carried out by another provider since November 2011, were made aware of their responsibilities in this respect. These employees were also trained, screened and vetted to the standards defined by strict Home Office guidelines.

“We believe that at all times we acted appropriately and in full compliance with the terms of our contract with UKBA and it should be noted that the Crown Prosecution Service found there was insufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against G4S in this case."

  • The three detainee custody officers involved in this case have not worked for G4S since 2011.