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Brook House 'well-run' say monitors

An independent watchdog has this week praised the "good and dedicated work by officers and managers" in a report into G4S-managed Brook House Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) near Gatwick Airport
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Brook House’s Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) reported that during 2014, 10,699 detainees passed through the centre and found that despite the fast turnaround in the population, the 448-capacity facility is “well-run” and that detainees are treated “humanely and fairly”.   

The Board has full access to detainees, the building, staff and management and is charged with reporting annually on how the centre is meeting the standards and requirements placed on it. 

Director for G4S’ Immigration Removal Centres at Gatwick, Ben Saunders, said:

“Brook House looked after more than 10,000 people in 2014 and I am pleased that this independent report confirms that detainees are cared for fairly and decently by staff and managers who are dedicated to their work.  

"We work with a range of partners including the Red Cross, Gatwick Detainee Welfare Group and Migrant Help to provide high levels of care and support to people looked after at Brook House and we will boost our team further with the addition of another dedicated welfare officer by the summer. 

“The IMB plays a vital role at Brook House and we are grateful for their work to independently monitor what we deliver.  We will continue to work with the IMB, Home Office and local agencies and charities so that we achieve the best results for detainees in our care.”  

Chair of the Brook House Independent Monitoring Board, Jackie Colbran, said:

“Brook House is a well-run centre and the Board has been impressed by many examples of good and dedicated work by officers and managers. 

“I am pleased to report that the length of time that detainees spend at Brook House is usually short and that while there, they are cared for in a fair, decent and humane way.  I am encouraged that G4S has committed to increasing the welfare provision for detainees.

“We will continue to monitor the centre independently and provide honest and fair feedback to the centre management and the Home Office to ensure that detainees are held in a just, humane and decent way.”