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Comment on actions of Kent Police

Following the BBC's Panorama programme on Monday night

Kent Police have this morning confirmed that they have made arrests. 

Commenting on this morning's action, Managing Director for Children’s Services, Paul Cook, said: "We fully support the action of Kent Police this morning and we continue to provide police officers and the local authority with full access to Medway STC and the centre’s records including CCTV footage.  

"There is no place in our business for the conduct shown on the BBC’s Panorama programme on Monday night.  This morning’s arrests send a strong message that any allegations of wrongdoing will be thoroughly investigated and we are grateful to the police for their swift action in this case.

"We will work with the police and local authority to keep our own actions under review in light of today's developments.  

"We will keep families and other professionals working with young people informed of developments as we are asked to do so.  We are committed to a complete review of how this occurred and how we can ensure it doesn’t happen again."

If you have any concerns or any information relating to the issues raised at the Medway Secure Training Centre please call 01634 334466.  Alternatively,  you can call 101, the police non-emergency number.