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G4S Restarting Services

With the evolving Covid-19 crisis we are continuing to review our service offering in line with Government guidance.
G4S Restarting Services

Whilst there are many different circumstances to consider at this time, our aim is to ensure that G4S is ready to meet the needs and requirements of all our customers when we are called upon.

Restarting your services is as important to us as it is to you. Please read the following instructions carefully to ensure we can provide the cash services you require as quickly and effectively as possible.

If you usually order via the G4S IVR or portal, there is no need to send us an email.

Notice required: 

As we start to deliver cash back into UK businesses we would ask that you give us at least 7 days notice for each request. Customers with standing orders, please advise when you would like them to resume, again in accordance with the delivery instructions below

Details required when requesting a collection:

  • Email your request to 
  • Email Subject Line to read - Collection - DD/MM/YYYY  
  • Contract Number
  • Full address of collection site
  • Amount to be collected
  • (Delete as appropriate) Please resume my regular service / This is a One off request
  • Date required

Details required when requesting a delivery:

  • Email your request to   
  • Email Subject Line to read - Delivery - DD/MM/YYYY    
  • Contract Number
  • Full address of delivery site
  • Date required 
  • (Delete as appropriate) 
    • This is one off recash, please resume my regular service as of DD/MM/YYYY
    • This is a one off delivery
    • Please resume my regular service as of DD/MM/YYYY
  • Amount to be delivered by denomination as below: 



£2 = £500


£1 = £500


50p = £250


20p = £250


10p = £100


5p = £100


2p = £20


1p = £20


To help us maintain our social distancing measures within our cash centre environment, we are asking customers to order in "full bag" values wherever possible.


We would also like to advise that orders should not be requested above your pre-agreed credit limit as authorised by your bank. If you do exceed this limit it may result in a delay to your order. You will not receive the full amount / requested denomination as this will have to be adjusted accordingly.


Completing the above allows us to ensure we can process your request as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


We will continue to communicate any updates accordingly and will be working with you to provide a smooth transition back to service as usual. We appreciate your flexibility at this challenging time.