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COVID-19 Head Protection and Protective Visor

You may be aware of the Government updates regarding the facial covering rules.
COVID-19 Head Protection and Protective Visor

For each Government: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland there are some variances of compulsory rules regarding facial covering.

Our staff member who is providing a service to you is identified as an ‘Essential Worker’ and as part of their duty you will identify that our staff member is required to wear full head and face protection as part of their professional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  

As part of the Government Exemption process and to help clarify any concerns you may raise with our staff member, below are key points where Full Face Protection is required without a material face covering.

The staff member needs to be proficient on carrying out their duties where it is important to communicate effectively due to the nature of risk of work that is carried out.

Applying a Face Covering in the proper manner is restrictive and challenging when it is needed to be worn in the appropriate manner, and can mist our staff member’s visors which creates a visible risk (Visor is part of our Mandatory Protection Measures, where our staff member could be physically attacked at any time).

Our member of staff is required to be identified at all times during a service by the customer or security of the premises. Due to the nature of the product we handle a Police officer may also require proof of identity during a service.

Our approach is vital to protect our staff as well as our customers and our control processes in place since the outbreak have meant that as identified key workers have been able to maintain this essential service to our customers.

As part of the Exemption Guidance and Regulations, this highlights we do not have to prove our exemption and should not be made to wear face coverings or denied access to carry out our duties, but believe it is important that we wanted to highlight the key points above fit within our control measures as we wear our full face visor as part of our full face control mechanism.

We ask you to be aware of the Exemptions and please treat our staff member with kindness when carrying out their vital and important duty.

We constantly monitor all Government Guidance and adapt accordingly of any relevant changes that we are expected to change and adhere towards.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

If you wish to contact a G4S Representative, our staff member can supply you with a Branch contact number.