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G4S Academy - What's it All About?

The G4S Academy is made up of a network of security professionals that challenges traditional thinking, drives best practice and predicts future demand. Accessed through a simple free registration, the Academy combines G4S knowledge and expertise with that of industry specialists. 


Firstly upon registration, you’ll be automatically opted into our weekly threat intelligence service which provides weekly threat intelligence from the key security items in the news. The service uses open source media to provide a summary of the key security items in the news across:- 

- National Security 
- Civil Unrest 
- Political 
- Cyber Security
- Natural Disasters 
- International Security 

The bulletin is supplemented with the latest G4S guides to provide easy access to materials that will help you shape your security strategy. 

In addition to the regular supply of intelligence, members also receive direct access into our repository of briefing papers and thought leadership material. To give you a feel, recently this has included briefings on Climate Change Protest activity and Supply Chain Security as well as sector security guides on healthcare, data centres and utilities. 

The repository contains more than just papers with a suite of recorded vLOGS and webinars available to support your continuous development as well as reflections on new and emerging security technologies, such as drones. 

In addition to the materials, the Academy also hosts networking or training events. One particular success has been our desktop scenario exercises, where individuals from different organisations come together and work in teams to manage a response to a challenging situation that may present itself within the course of their work in security. This has proven to be a great way of building active resilience in a peacetime setting. 

Upon registration, Academy members also receive direct access to our teams of industry and application specialists. This means that should you require a direct conversation relevant to your industry or field of security you benefit from a quick and easy means of accessing relevant expertise. 

Finally, as a sign of the Academy’s commitment to CPD (Continuous Professional Development), we are actively engaged with the main Security regulatory bodies on an exciting programme of CPD events through 2022. Watch this space for more details. 

Register for Free

Registration is simple. Complete the form on our home page here to be opted into the bulletin. To unlock our repository of materials, visit this page here and to engage directly with specialists click here