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G4S commits to meet UK’s cash infrastructure objectives

G4S announces that it commits to meet key UK cash infrastructure resilience, efficiency and environmental objectives
Cash handling at a G4S cash processing centre

G4S Cash Centres (UK) Limited is pleased to announce today its support for the collective commitments to underpin wholesale cash sustainability announced by the Wholesale Distribution Steering Group (WDSG) chaired by the Bank of England.

One of four member organisations of the Bank of England’s Note Circulation Scheme, G4S Cash Centres (UK) Limited provides and operates the essential national infrastructure to support UK banks with physical cash at a wholesale level.

Paul van der Knaap, Managing Director of G4S Cash Solutions UK said: “G4S Cash Centres is committed to playing its part in delivering the WDSG collective objectives in the areas of resilience, efficiency and environmental impact and by the end of the first quarter of 2022, in cooperation with our wholesale bank customers, will agree with the Bank of England specific measures to support this initiative.”