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G4S in partnership with Shell on achieving net-zero

Shell and G4S share a global sustainability partnership to explore new opportunities to help meet our decarbonisation goals.  As part of this, and our overall commitment of achieving net-zero by 2050, we were delighted to work closely with Shell recently on the production of a video showcasing our journey so far on the implementation of electric vehicle charging solutions to the G4S fleet in the UK and Ireland..

In the UK and Ireland, our vehicle fleet is made up of around 2,500 vehicles - from ambulances to patrol cars and cash vans.  We know that, currently, our fleet generates around 80% of our operational scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore this has been one of priority areas to manage and reduce as part of our overall net-zero goals.  

Our aim is that by 2030, 100% of our car fleet in the UK and Ireland will be zero emission, and that by 2040, our vision is for all vehicles to be powered by electric or other zero carbon alternative fuels. 

A company the size and scale of G4S has a responsibility to lead the way in this area for the entire industry and Shell Fleet Solutions are a vital partner to help take us into the future and keep our fleet on the go.