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Health, Safety and Compliance

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Keeping your staff and visitors safe and your premises compliant

Our compliance team, who are also fully trained and qualified Health and Safety practitioners, provide the reassurance that systems and processes are in place to provide a safe and healthy working environment and one that is legally compliant. 
They travel across the UK undertaking detailed surveys and audits, working closely with our Carbon and Energy Solutions department, HSE and catering managers to capture data to ensure all necessary tests, certification and statutory requirements are carried out.
They have the back up of integrated systems, including our EMS and quality management system; these provide a comprehensive HSQE solution backed by powerful reporting and recording platform.
Management systems we use include:
ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation
ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management system
OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Accreditation
SIA Approved Contractor – security guarding
NSI Guarding Gold Standard
CRD and ESOS compliance
Continuous improvement
Across the G4S portfolio we share experiences and lessons learned via forums, conferences and management going ‘back to the floor’. We also use processes such as LEAN 6 sigma and engage with bodies like CIBSE, B&ES for the latest techniques.
Communicating the latest guidelines
Communication of the latest requirements and training is essential; we use a variety of techniques such as online and operational training, one to one briefings, internal employee publications and our company intranet.
The staff are well trained, and G4S maintains good systems and procedures. Their approach to Health and Safety is very effective and must be commended.

Chris Large, Area Estates Manager, Manchester Court

Near miss reporting

An important tool in accident reduction