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G4S Pay

All your payment services in one place 

Running a successful business is hard work. So, you won't want to waste time worrying about how to accept and process payments. G4S Pay is a complete payment solution tailored to the way your business works.
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We help you to pick and mix the right payment solutions for your company that will allow you to easily process all your payments in a single place. 

That means less time spent on admin, and more time to focus on your customers and business.


G4S Pay is a complete payment services suite; providing cash, card and digital payment solutions to customers of all sizes. Whether you're a Sole Trader, a fast-growing start-up or a major corporation, G4S Pay tailors a payment service to you. 

We are the UK's leading provider of cash management solutions, and we also arrange for secure card machines, Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems and online payment gateways. You can pick and choose from the services we offer to build a payment solution that is right for you. 


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When you begin working with us, we take a consultative approach to get to know your world. Our friendly teams customise a payment package that is perfectly suited to your needs - while offering the flexibility to add or remove services as you need.

G4S Pay features

Whether you just need to manage cash, are about to launch an online store or need an EPOS system or card terminal, you can pick and choose from the wide variety of services we offer:

Variety of card payment terminals: We offer all kinds of card payment terminal, including wired, portable and mobile options. 

EPOS systems: We offer a variety of easy-to-use EPOS systems that allow you to manage staff rotas, bookings, orders, stock control and run your business more effectively.

Online payment gateway: We securely process your customers’ online payments.

Moto: Our virtual terminal that allows you to take mail order and telephone payments.

Smart Safe: Our fully insured Smart Safe automatically notifies us when you have deposited a certain amount of cash. Rather than collecting cash weekly, we only collect when the safe is actually full, saving you money. 

Cash collection: We offer the UK's biggest cash collection service, securely transferring your takings to the bank.

Which is the best payment service solution for you?

Whether your business operates in retail, hospitality, education, personal and professional services or anything else, our payment solutions help you manage money efficiently and securely. When you begin working with us, our consultants get to understand your world. They then optimise your payment infrastructure. 

To select the right payment solutions for your business, we walk you through our 7C’s assessment which helps determine your challenges and opportunities.

1. Crime prevention
2. Continuity
3. Cash flow
4. Customer focus
5. Convenience
6. Control
7. Cost efficiency

Depending on your specific needs, we then create a payment infrastructure that is perfectly tailored to you. 

Why thousands of businesses trust G4S for payment solutions 

We are trusted by thousands of businesses across the UK and beyond to provide secure, safe and seamless payment solutions. Using G4 Pay gives you:

Unparalleled security for your company’s money
G4S stands for security. We offer some of the most advanced card payment and cash management systems in the UK.

Accept payments in any form
You can start accepting payments in cash, card, online, via mail order or over the phone. 

Get more insights into you money management
Our comprehensive transaction analysis then enables you to make more informed financial decisions. 

Transaction + 1 day settlement available
The money will appear in your bank account the next day. That means you can access your funds faster. 

Great UK-based support
Have peace of mind that any issues can be resolved fast with our UK based 24 / 7 x 365 customer support

Convenient and easy to manage
Get all your business’s payment solutions in one place - be that cash, card, online or telephone payments. Rather than needing to work with multiple companies with different billing systems, you get one account to manage all your payments. 

Because we offer all payment solutions for businesses you can add or remove services as you need. Decided to start selling online? We can add a payment gateway to your website. Want to stop taking telephone payments in a cost efficient, convenient and professional manner? Easily add MOTO services to your package. 


Get in touch with our sales experts

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Upon receipt of your form, we will route your enquiry to the most appropriate commercial lead. 

You can also email us or call us 0845 644 1239, option 1.

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Your questions about the G4S Pay’s payment service solutions answered:
Which kinds of business do you support?
We offer payment services to all businesses of all sizes and all company structures. Whether you're a Sole Trader just operating with cash, a small local supermarket or a major international chain, we can offer a service customized to you. 
Which industries do you offer payment services for?
We provide payment services for practically all businesses which accept cash, card, telephone or online payments. We help thousands of businesses in retail, hospitality, entertainment, events, gaming, sports, and personal and professional services (therapists, builders, plumbers, accountants, financial advisors etc.). 
How do I know my money is safe?
Our Smart Safes are fully indemnified (insured) which means your money will be safe the moment you deposit it inside. It is also secure throughout transit when we collect your cash. All of our card, digital and telephone payment services are PCI DSS compliant. That means they meet the highest security standards of the payment card industry. 
How much does it cost?
Contact our friendly sales team to discuss pricing tailored to your needs. 
How frequent are cash collections?
We collect cash from your Smart Safe when the safe itself registers that it is full. This smart technology means our visits are less predictable for people outside your business (which reduces the risk of robbery). It also means you only pay for what you use.
Does it integrate with my existing systems?
Yes, G4S Pay can integrate with many different POS systems, bookkeeping software and other company IT.