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Sexual Assault Referral Centres

Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs), provide support for victims through partnerships with NHS England and the Police
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About G4S SARCs

SARCs provide a single, safe location where victims of sexual assault can receive healthcare and support, as well as assisting Police investigation into alleged offences.  They include facilities suitable for a high standard of forensic examination.

Central to our SARC services is providing victim-focused care and prioritising their welfare and wellbeing. Our services are open 24/7/365 to everyone and accessed through a dedicated Call Centre, which is staffed at all times, capable of handling approximately 1,150 calls per day. 

Every effort is made to ensure that a client’s visit to a SARC is conducted in the most professional and caring manner possible and giving them options about their care. The dedicated phone number allows individuals who do not currently want to refer to the Police to be able to access critical SARC services through self-referral. Call handlers undertake specific training to answer these calls and put the caller through to the appropriate SARC team member to assess and offer the caller healthcare, forensic and support options.

We recognise that our role in the SARC extends beyond the client leaving the SARC building. The SARC team facilitates onward referrals for ongoing care and support based on the client’s needs and wishes. Clients can receive follow up welfare calls by the SARC team if they wish. This ensures that we can respond to any questions, allay fears and ensure all appropriate referrals are made. These calls will also be used to ensure the clients are comfortable with their next steps.

G4S Health have been delivering SARC services in England since 2012 in partnership with NHS England, Police Forces and key stakeholders.

Our team of over 200 is made up of SARC Managers, SARC Coordinators, Crisis Workers, Sexual Offence Examiners, and Male Engagement Officers. A team approach ensures that knowledge, best practice and lessons learned are shared across all our services and this clinical expertise and partnership ethos has delivered continuous development and improvements to services in a number of counties around the UK, and we have been instrumental in establishing and delivering services to a number of SARCs.  Our services are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

These centres play an essential role in providing victim centred care and strengthening the trust and confidence those living and working in the community have in the Police and local health providers.

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