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CANINE Security

G4S canines provide a highly visible, cost-effective method to screen people, locations or vehicles at scale, providing early detection of intruders, explosive, drugs or flares.

Canine support is ideal for checking a venue, screening people (or vehicles) as they enter an event, or securing a perimeter.

Our canine services includes:

  • General Purpose Security Dogs
  • Drug Detection Dogs
  • Explosive Detection Dogs
  • Pyrotechnic Detection Dogs

Please download our individual guides below for more information. 

What makes G4S different?

  • We have the largest canine service in the UK 

  • National deployment capabilities.

  • We can deploy our service onsite within 48 hours.

  • Every dog handler has been trained, assessed and certified
  • All our canines and handlers undergo regular testing to
         ensure the highest standards.

  • We train using real substances to provide accurate results.

  • We provide our own welfare vehicles meaning you don't
         need welfare facilities on the site.

  • All our dog handlers are first aid trained.


We regularly host demonstrations at our canine headquarters at Luton Hoo.

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G4S General Purpose Security Dog Brochure

A General Purpose Security dog is trained to detect intruders in order to protect a person, a property or valuable assets such as metals or void properties.

G4S Drug Detection Dog Brochure

G4S Drug Detection Dog can can help restrict the flow of drugs through an entry point by screening people, vehicles or locations at scale, without causing delays. 

G4S Explosive Detection Dog Brochure

G4S Explosive Detection Dog is trained to detect explosive devices at a location, in cargo or around a vehicle. 

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