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Social Distancing

As staff go back to the office after the pandemic, companies have a duty of care to ensure that all staff are working in a safe environment. A key part of this is to ensure that all staff maintain social distancing. That’s where we can help. 

Physical Distancing Guide

G4S can help you implement additional engineering, administrative controls, and safe work practices that comply with health authority guidance on physical distancing. Download our brochure to find out more.
Physical distancing guide

Protect Staff By Ensuring Social Distancing 

Surveillance analytics help companies to enforce social distancing. Integrated with CCTV, they check whether staff are social distancing correctly. When breaches occur, an alert is immediately issued to support intervention. 


G4S can help you design, tailor and install the right social distancing system for you, whether you are a single site or multisite operation. We can support with:

  • Vendor-neutral design
  • Expert and experienced system design
  • Supply of physical enforcement officers
  • Software installation and commissioning
  • High-security clearances
  • On-going technical support
To find out more about how G4S can help to improve your monitoring capabilities, please request a call back for more information, or download our information sheet

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