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Compliance Reporting

Providing reports to demonstrate compliance, either to regulatory authorities or internally, is both critical and time consuming. Integrating reporting software into your security system will save many hours of work and will  provide extra detail and evidence, leading to better decisions.

Automating Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting software provides end users with the ability to generate customized reports to determine employee activity, alarms, access control event data and more.  Different layouts provide options to create easy to read reports. The customized reports are stored to ensure a consistent, high quality format of reporting at all times.
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Compliance Reporting Made Easy

  • Vendor neutral advice
  • Full security system integration
  • Reports designed using the latest thinking
  • Expert and experienced design team

Not all security systems are able to integrate reporting software. However, G4S can advise you on your options and propose a way forward. Please request a call back for more information.

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