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Specifying Surveillance - The Key Strategic Decisions

The decision on which surveillance platform to choose should always starts with a more holistic security discussion on what you are looking to protect and from whom.Then, when the objectives of your security programme are understood, there are some key decisions that you need to make. These can be daunting so a trusted partner can help guide you through what can be a complicated and confusing process. 
CCTV cameras

You’ll need to consider:-

Your objectives….

Do you want CCTV cameras to act as a deterrent? Your environment and the overall objectives will determine whether obvious or discreet cameras are required. 

If there is a particular secluded area of a property or an area where multiple thefts have occurred? This may call for a camera that stands out and perhaps doesn’t blend into the background. 

Your environment…..

Will the cameras be used indoors and outdoors. Will they be exposed to any harsh conditions or unusual temperatures? If so, choosing a camera which has a durable design, and an inbuilt heater means it will have the ability to start up and operate despite the temperature.

The area of coverage…..

The area that you want to cover with a surveillance system will lead to a choice of the number and type of camera to use. Your partner should provide detailed drawings showing the proposed camera location and indicating areas of coverage to give you peace of mind.  PTZ cameras can work best for larger areas given their large range and ability to zoom but also are more effective when the surveillance system is continually monitored. 

Image Quality…..

The coverage and camera location will largely determine the camera resolution that you require. Clearly it is important that the surveillance officers are able to work with the footage that is generated. 

Lighting Conditions…..

It’s important that your partner surveys the areas where cameras will be installed and ensures that the recommended cameras can support the lightning conditions that the site is likely to experience.

Areas inside and outside will experience different amounts of light throughout the day, not to mention throughout the year as seasons change - the survey should indicate whether the cameras need to support infrared.   

Future Proof Your Investment…….

It is so important to consider what the future may look like. Are you likely to expand across multiple sites or locations? Do you plan to centralise security monitoring in the future? Choosing an IP camera system which connects over a WAN or LAN allows you to easily grow and scale any installation as you need.

Think About The Control Room Operator…….

The days are gone of multiple screens and bored control room operators unable to focus. Any new platform should come with analytics to draw attention to unusual motion, unusual activity or incidents of interest. 

In addition, a simple and easy to use search function should support the operator retrieve relevant footage when investigating an incident - this can save hours. 

So What Now? 

Engage with a reputable partner that can work closely with you to evaluate what you require and choose from a pool of partners and product options to specify a solution that you will be confident with. 

At G4S we’re here to help. Get in touch HERE to speak to our team of security experts.