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G4S Risk Assessment

Organisations across the globe face many different risks on a daily basis, and these risks are constantly evolving. That’s why  we’re always seeking to improve the solutions we offer and to challenge ourselves and our customers to look at things differently.


Using our unique Risk-Based Approach, we assist our customers to build, customise and develop security risk management and mitigation programmes that are suited to their individual needs and environments.

We facilitate this through business development risk-based conversations, exploring the true security needs of your organisation. This allows us to identify significant security risk exposures and the options available to help mitigate those risks.

Before a business can determine what the right security solutions are, we must be able to understand these fundamental questions:

G4S Risk Assessment_Image

To help us answer these questions, you can access our free, online G4S Risk Assessment.

By completing the assessment, you will be able to better understand your organisation’s security risks and have a solid basis to form your security strategy by providing clear insights and data to support decision-making processes.


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