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BBBF - SIG Event

G4S Bahrain participated in the BBBF SIG Security Lunch Meeting

G4S Bahrain representative attended the Bahrain British Business Forum (BBBF) - Special Interest Group (SIG) Security lunch meeting at the Ramee Grand Hotel, Bahrain on 24th April 2014. This event was a great networking opportunity where we had a chance to promote our products and services to senior level BBBF members and guests. This event was sponsored by Standard Chartered bank and the guest speaker was Mr. Emad El Hajjami, Commercial Manager of DHL Bahrain. Topic discussed was “Focus on the Global and Strategic Partnership with F1”, an insight to the setup of each and every F1 Race, what takes place and how it is done. The event was organised by Mr. Anthony Palys, Senior Security Advisor at Le Beck International who is also the Head of the BBBF – SIG (Security). G4S Bahrain supports their events through corporate sponsorship.

About BBBF


The BBBF was formed in 1995 to promote trade and investment between Bahrain and Britain in a non-discriminatory, non-political and non-profit making manner. The BBBF is widely recognized in Bahrain and the UK as a leading impartial business sector group. The Forum works to create and sustain a favourable business environment. The BBBF strives to assist and introduce new trade and investment’s to both countries that can benefit and enhance the common economic interests of our member companies.