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Madeleines PreSchool Charity Walk

G4S Bahrain supports annual charity walk
Madeleine's Preschool Charity Walk 2019

G4S Bahrain sponsored the “Madeleine’s Pre-School 18th Annual Charity Walk”, which took place at Bahrain Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, last month. The event was supported by 200 people including 20 G4S employees who participated in the walk.

Madeleine’s Pre-School Charity Walk is a very successful and popular event in Bahrain which takes place every year, and where children, teachers, their families and guests take part to raise funds for local charities. 

With the support of G4S Bahrain, Madeleine Pre-School was able to raise BHD 1198 (£2,400) which will be donated to local charities. The G4S team provided 450 t-shirts, which were sold to parents, teachers and guests, as well as contributing BHD 500 (£1,000) to the overall total. The funds the school raised will be donated to local charities of their choice.

“G4S plays an important role in society by supporting charitable events, organisations and sport activities in Bahrain and all over the world. We encourage and enable staff to make a positive contribution to creating a sustainable community. We are happy to support Madeleine’s Pre-School’s noble cause.”
sumaira yasmin, managing director, g4s bahrain