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Contract extension with Royal Military Police

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has confirmed a one-year extension to its contract with G4S Policing Solutions to provide specialist investigative staff to the British Army.
G4S, contract

The extension, worth around £1million, will enable G4S to continue to provide highly-trained and experienced temporary staff to the Special Investigations Branch (SIB) – the Army’s equivalent to the CID in civilian police forces – which undertakes complex investigations into crimes committed by Army personnel on behalf of the Royal Military Police all over the world.

G4S is the only provider of civilian investigative staff to SIB with around 35 personnel providing essential support in investigations in the UK and around the world. The Senior Investigative Officers have 25 - 30 years of police force experience having worked on previous complex and demanding cases. Roles include Crime Scene Investigators and forensic scientists. The nature of these investigations frequently demands the highest levels of security and standards of professionalism, and can include everything from serious assault to drugs and firearms offences and even murder.

Tom Waddell, Operations Director of G4S Policing and Resourcing Solutions said:

“We are very proud to be able to play such an important role in supporting the sensitive work of the SIB. The personnel we provide are all highly experienced professionals, and although these may be temporary positions, their work demands the highest levels of skill, sensitivity, and discretion.”

- G4S has been providing civilian investigative staff to the Royal Military Police (RMP) Special Investigation Branch (SIB) since January 2012. Qualified and experience investigators work alongside RMP investigators in investigations.

- Staff are required to recover evidence at crime scenes and during searches; prepare sketch plans and photographic supplements of scenes; interview witnesses; record testimony and assist with developing investigations strategies and with the conduct of interviews after caution. They are also required to provide statements of evidence and interview summaries where necessary as well as attend and give evidence in judicial proceedings, both Military and Civilian.

G4S Policing Solutions

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