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G4S Investigation Solutions

“G4S Investigation Solutions reduce costs whilst improving their operational efficiency”
G4S, Investigation Solutions

G4S Investigation Solutions UK has announced the introduction of Form Patrol® into its business, as part of continued investment into its systems and processes.

The intelligent mobile solution, made by Coeus Software Ltd, has been rolled out to the company’s nationwide field force of Investigators.

Part of G4S UK and Ireland, Investigation Solutions has already seen a number of improvements since the introduction of the new system, including increased data security, operational efficiencies and significant financial savings.

The business specialises in the investigation of fraud and liability and its team of field investigators are deployed to take statements from individuals and establish the facts around motor incidents, internal investigations and Employers and Public Liability claims.

With the introduction of the new technology, Investigation Solutions have been able to move away from traditional paper based process and there is no longer a requirement for remote workers to use printers, paper and ink. In addition, by reducing postage volumes, Investigation Solutions have significantly reduced their environmental impact and can provide greater assurance around secure electronic tracking and storage of documents.

Matthew Cantle Managing Director of G4S Investigation Solutions says ‘Form Patrol is both versatile and easy to use and has been a welcome addition to the service we deliver to our customers by providing a more streamlined and efficient process.’

About G4S Investigation Solutions

G4S Investigation Solutions was established in April 2011 following the acquisition of the UK’s leading private surveillance and fraud investigation company, The Cotswold Group.
G4S Investigation Solutions provide a range of specialist investigation services across the public and private sector including fraud, intelligence, liability and surveillance solutions, working for some of the world’s largest insurance companies, corporate businesses and local authorities.
With over 20 years of experience, Investigation Solutions employs over 270 staff and have complete UK coverage across all functions of their operation.

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