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COVID-19 Update

At this challenging time, G4S are committed to ensuring our customers are receiving the superior level of customer service they have become accustomed to.
Cov 19

We have worked tirelessly to be agile in planning our response to the current, evolving threat of Covid-19. With this approach, we have managed to remain fully operational across all of our sites, servicing existing as well as new customers, 7 days a week.

This has allowed businesses and the public to continue to use cash as a much needed payment method.

We would remind everyone that there is no evidence that notes or coins spread COVID-19, good hygiene practice is recommended after touching any inanimate object such as cards, payment terminals, phones and screens.

In order to retain the expertise of our employees, we are utilising the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. This has allowed us to flex our workforce to maintain the service levels required by our customers, while protecting the livelihood of our people.

We wish everyone well, and look forward to resuming business as usual in the near future.