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Here you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions regarding our services. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us.
G4S employee

Card Machine Payment FAQs

How do I take a card payment over the phone?
To take card payments over the phone, you will need to enter the customer’s details into the terminal manually. Once entered, the terminal will process the payment. 
How long does it take for the card machine to be delivered?

3-5 working days

My card machine is broken, how do I get a new one?

The tech team will try and resolve the issue, if not then we will order a new device. All terminals come with 12 months warranty. 

Who provides support for my card terminals?

We have a team who are available 24/7 to support with your card terminals.

Payment Gateway FAQs

How secure are the online payments?
All of our payment gateway options go through PCI DSS compliance, which ensures the utmost security of the cardholder’s data in accordance with regulated policies.
Which shopping carts is G4S Pay compatible with? 

Main shopping carts in the market are all supported. For more information please call our experts 0845 644 1239, option 1.

Virtual Terminals FAQs

Can I make MOTO payments at the same time as online payments?
Yes, you can combine our MOTO merchant service with our online services, which gives you the ability to accept payments through shopping cart functionality or a hosted form as well as over the phone and through the mail.
How do virtual terminals work?

Making virtual payments with G4S Pay couldn't be simpler: 

  • Log into the virtual terminal merchant account from any device that connects to the internet, such as a laptop, tablet or phone.
  • A payment page will open showing a form with the appropriate card detail fields.
  • Input the customer's card details and press 'Process'. 
  • The transaction is complete, and you should receive the money into your account within minutes.
How does the customer know the payment is secure?

All of our payment gateway options go through PCI DSS compliance, which ensures the utmost security of the cardholder’s data in accordance with regulated policies.

What happens to my customers' card details?
Our virtual terminals are PCI compliant, meaning your customers’ card details are protected and secure. 
What information is needed to make a MOTO payment?

To make a card payment through a virtual terminal, you’ll need:

  • The cardholder’s name
  • Their billing address
  • The long number on the card
  • The expiry date on the card
  • The CVV number (three-digits at the back of the card)
When will virtual payments appear in my business bank account?
Payments should appear in your account within 3-4 days.

Cash Collection FAQs

Can I cancel booked services?


You can cancel a service up until the point we reach your premises. However, a cancellation charge may apply depending on the notice period provided as outlined in our terms and conditions.


Please view your contract for details of any restrictions or charges.

Can I have more than one collection per day?
It is possible to book one collection per time window slot.
How far in advance can I order?

All of our cash collection services offer the ability to order a one-off service for maximum flexibility or set up a recurring service for maximum convenience. If you set up a standing order, the same amount will be collected each time. 

Cash45 Customers

You can book services up to 12 weeks in advance when you select to pay at the point of order. If you pay by Direct Debit, you may set up a continuous service.

Cash75/Cash200 Customers

We can offer services tailored to your specific requirements.

If your crew turns up and I am not ready for my cash to be collected, what happens?

You should make sure you are prepared for your cash collection in advance of your collection slot. If your cash is not ready or your premises are not open when we arrive, we will not be able to complete the service.

You will be charged for this service and will need to rebook another collection slot.

What happens if my collection is missed?

We offer market leading service levels of over 99%, but occasionally we are prevented from reaching you on schedule.

Cash45 customers

As a smaller depositor, we recognise that in the rare event that we fail to complete your service, you may choose to deposit your cash at your local bank. Therefore, we will refund any charges within two working days (if you have paid at point of order). We will also automatically issue a discount off your next order so that you can order a recovery service if required.

Cash75/Cash200 customers

As a larger depositor, we recognise that your choices are more limited. Therefore, if there is absolutely no way we can reach you on the day of service, we commit to recover all missed services the following working day.

What happens if my money is attacked?
In the unfortunate and rare occasion that we are attacked and your money is lost, we will reimburse the value.
What’s the latest time I can order a cash collection service?


Assuming there is availability in your area, you can place an order up to 12:00pm the working day (Mon-Fri) before the service. However, ordering further ahead will help ensure there is still availability during your required time window.


You can place an order up to 12:00pm the working day (Mon-Fri) before the service for any ad hoc orders. Our customer service team will confirm acceptance of the service upon receipt of your instruction.

Cash Processing FAQs

How long does cash processing take?
Once we’ve collected your deposit from your business, you should see the amount in your bank account in 2-3 days. 
What is a cash recycler? And how does it work?
A cash recycler, also known as a cash recycling machine, is a device that counts, validates and stores cash in a built-in safe. When the cash is needed, the machine ‘recycles’ or reuses the cash that was processed previously for withdrawals. 

Cash Delivery FAQs

How much cash can I order?
Our cash deliveries are indemnified up to £20k. For deliveries above £20k please get in touch with one of our experts at 0845 644 1239, option 1. 
Where does the cash come from?
If you have ordered Bulk Cash then we will deliver the cash from our cash centres. However, if the service is connected to your bank, then it will come from your bank and we act as the courier.