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G4S Pay Go!


When you're running a business, you've got a million things to think about. And that's why we built our Cash Go! and Merchant Go! off the shelf payment solutions. 
Merchant Services

Rather than browsing hundreds of products to stitch together the payment services you need, our prebuilt fixed price solutions click into place quickly and easily. 

Cash Go! is the essential option, allowing you to safely manage all your company’s cash. Merchant Go! provides an end-to-end service, supporting cash and card payment.

Once you've chosen the right option for your business, our off-the-shelf payment solutions are ready to use in a matter of days. That lets you get on with running your company. 


Cash Go! and Merchant Go! give you all the essential tools you need to manage payments into your business. They are prebuilt fixed-price solutions which are quick and easy to deploy. They are designed to click into place, letting you get up and running fast without the hassle of searching for multiple providers.  

And to give you peace of mind, they are backed by G4S Pay - a cash, card and digital payment network trusted by thousands of businesses across the UK - from the smallest start-ups to the biggest chains. They also come with cutting edge technology and software that allows you to better manage your money as your business grows. 

Cash Go! features

Our Cash Go! solution combines our fully indemnified, state-of-the-art Smart Safe with our market leading cash collection service. Deposit your takings into the device at the end of the day, and the safe will notify us when it is nearly full. We then automatically send our cash collection team to pick the money up – so you don’t have to think about arranging a weekly collection. Cash Go! means you only pay for us to collect the cash you actually take.

The fixed price product includes:

  • Small Smart Safe
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Fully indemnified cash deposits
  • Prepacked reports

Need more? We can add extra services to customise Cash Go! to your needs. 


Who is Cash Go! for?

Cash Go! Is the ideal solution for independent retail businesses, pubs, restaurants, bars, B&B’s and trades professions.  


Merchant Go! features

Our Merchant Go! solution is a fully integrated payment solution combining cash and card payments. The app-enabled smart payments terminal also allows you to manage stock, staff rotas, bookings, orders, and do your bookkeeping. 

For a fixed weekly cost, we supply a state-of-the-art Smart Safe and smart card payments terminal. You pay a flat fee for the cash and debit transactions, which covers the cash collection and processing fee.  

The fixed price solution includes: 

  • Small Smart Safe 
  • Dynamic Scheduling 
  • Cash Processing 
  • App enabled POS terminal 
  • App features to help you manage your business

Need more? We can add extra services to customise Merchant Go! to your needs. 


Who is Merchant Go! for?

Merchant Go! is the ideal solution for any retail, hospitality or trade business that accepts both cash and card payments.  

G4S Pay Go! - Cash and Merchant Comparison

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G4S Pay – even more payment options

As your business grows you may wish to add additional payment options to enter new markets. G4S Pay provides a complete range of payment solutions, allowing you to receive payments online and over the phone too. Read more about G4S pay here.


Why thousands of businesses trust our Cash and Merchant Services solutions

Thousands of businesses in the UK use our solutions to easily and securely manage their money. They trust us for: 

G4S is the leading cash collection service in the UK and is trusted by thousands of businesses to manage their cash and card payments securely. Our Smart Safes are fully indemnified (insured), and our card payments are PCI DSS compliant which means they meet the highest standards of security. 

Quick and easy
With Cash Go! and Merchant Go! our prebuilt off-the-shelf products quickly click into place in your business. They are easy to use with no hassle, which means you can quickly set up your payment system and get on with running your company. 

Cash flow management
Cash Go! and Merchant Go! both provide you with reports about how much money you have coming in and out of the business. This helps you manage your cash flow and monitor how you are doing.  

Get in touch with our sales experts

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Your questions about Cash Go! and Merchant Go! answered:
Cash Go! and Merchant Go! – which one is right for me?
This depends on how you plan to accept payments and what systems you currently have in place. If you only take cash payments (or your customers can pay with bank transfer) Cash Go! is normally suitable. If you need to accept cash but your customers are likely to want to pay with card too, Merchant Go! is normally a better option. If you're unsure, contact our friendly customer support teams. 
How much does it cost?
How long does it take to set up?
We are normally able to set up your account and deliver the Smart Safe and card machines (if you are using them) within weeks. 
Is my money safe?
G4S is the UK’s leading cash collection business and we are trusted by thousands of companies around the country. Our Smart Safe is fully indemnified from the moment you deposit cash inside to the moment it reaches the bank. 
How frequent are cash collections?
We collect cash from your Smart Safe when the safe registers that it is nearly full. This smart technology means our visits are less predictable for people outside your business (which reduces the risk of robbery). It also means you only pay for what you use.
Does it integrate with my existing systems?
Yes, Cash Go! and Merchant Go! can integrate with many different POS systems, bookkeeping software and other company IT that you are already using.