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Indoor Drones

Performing indoor patrols and inspections over a large surface area can be an expensive, time consuming and often unproductive task. For large spaces, where line of sight is restricted or buildings left vacant, indoor drones have an important role to play. We’re here to help. 

Indoor Drones Guide

Please download our guide to find out more about what our indoor drones can do for you and how we can help.
Introduction to indoor drones guide

Autonomous Indoor Drone Patrols

Our range of indoor drones are able to carry out autonomous indoor patrols, on a specified time schedule and flight plan. In the event of the drone spotting something suspicious, they alert a remote monitoring operative who can watch live video from the drone to investigate and initiate the correct response.

Download our Indoor Drone guide on this page, watch our video or contact us to find out more. 

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