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Outdoor Drones

On large sites, especially those that do not have a physical fenceline, detecting and deterring intruders can be a challenge. External drones provide a visible deterrent and cover large geographic areas more effectively than personnel. 

Why Drones? 

Watch Head of G4S Academy UK&I Noah Price, present the case for drones in security at Lorenz Hybrid Drone Summit 2021.

Outdoor Drones Guide

Please download our guide to find out more about what our outdoor drones can do for you and how we can help.
Outdoor drones guide

Providing An Extra Overview And Deterrent

Supplied inclusive of AI software, allowing you to combine one or multiple drones into a consolidated repository for surveillance footage. High quality cameras allow you to gain surveillance footage for roof areas and external areas and explore possible issues. Interactive software allows you to explore footage in real time.

Our outdoor drones are supplied inclusive of operator training or as a service - meaning you can eliminate the need for capital expenditure.

Download our Outdoor Drone guide or watch a G4S surveillance mission in operation. Enquire now to find out more. 

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