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What Does G4S' Symmetry Access Control CPNI Accreditation Mean?

Read our blog on what  G4S Symmetry Access Control’s presence in the CPNI’s catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE) means. 
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What is the CPNI?

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) is the Government authority for protective security advice to the UK national infrastructure with a remit across physical, personnel and cyber security.

What is the Catalogue of Security Equipment?

The CPNI produces a Catalogue of Security Equipment (CSE) which is available to help security practitioners identify appropriate physical security equipment for use within a national infrastructure environment. The CSE provides a range of products that have been evaluated against specific CPNI security standards with a performance rating achieved. These are then listed on the CPNI website.

How Could You Use the Catalogue of Security Equipment?

If you are a Government organisation considering a physical security project, this is a great way of validating that the individual product or service that you are considering is fit for purpose. After all, if it is certified for use within a national infrastructure environment, you can be confident in your potential investment.

Accreditation for Access Control

G4S’ Symmetry Access Control was tested by CPNI according to the standard AACS Issue 1 – 2012 and is listed within the CPNI Catalogue under Access Control Equipment (

What is Symmetry Security Management System?

The G4S Symmetry Security Management System is an infinitely expandable Enterprise Level Access Control platform that supports unlimited card readers, card holders and clients suitable for small or large multi-site applications.
The solution allows for centralised management and incorporates fully integrated badging and visitor management applications within the software platform.

Where can you find more information on Access Control?

If you are considering a new access control system, or project, download the access control guide from our website here.