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A One Team Approach

How G4S and EDF Energy secured the future of Hinkley Point C Nuclear New Build, working in partnership with a revolutionary 'One Team Approach'.

The focus

G4S & EDF Energy at Hinkley Point C Nuclear New Build needed to create a revolutionary way of working together as trusted partners. There was a need for openness and transparency to ensure the safe and secure delivery of one of Europe's largest infrastructure projects. There needed to be freedom to make decisions on matters that could mean immediate actions could be taken within a split second. 

The Partnership Charter was that answer. 

The Focus

  • Achieve zero harm
  • Maintain regulatory and legal compliance
  • Solve challenges working as ‘One Team’
  • Encourage innovation and better ways of delivering effective security
  • Deliver mutual support and encourage open dialogue
  • Plan ahead to prevent surprises.

The Solution

An agreement was cemented and governed by a Partnering Charter in line with CPNI and global ISO nuclear standards.

  • Work together to enable safe and secure construction of HPC
  • Ensure delivery of the project to time, cost and performance targets
  • Mutually recognising and resolving challenges
  • Evolving and innovating through an open, trusting and mutually supportive relationship.

The Benefits

If a risk is identified, G4S work as a team, armed with a clear understanding of HPC’s intent and authority to proceed, develop the risk assessment, operational requirements and deliver solutions to mitigate it. G4S achieve this without constantly referring back to the client for clarity, as both parties ensure they mutually understand the intent and constraints involved.

 Our relationship is special in that we are one team, there is no “us and them”. G4S is empowered to plan and make decisions to enable construction at HPC, operating under nuclear license conditions and nuclear safety culture. Without this empowered and trusted approach, we would not be able to support our construction partners to build HPC safely and on schedule. G4S has brought a change of mind-set to nuclear safety and security culture and raised the standard above the industry norm. As the Client, I have seen both our Regulator and other service providers recognise and comment many times to me that our approach to partnering is admired and sets us apart from other critical national infrastructure sites. I am delighted that we continue to work together as long-term partners developing and delivering a new type of Security for the nuclear new build sector.
Richard Osborne, Service Manager at HPC